Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reason #5: It's what we were made to do...

Our extremely conscious existence allows us the unique opportunity to be completely aware of our surroundings and able to plan for the future. This is a blessing and a curse. If we use it to our advantage and avoid letting worries and fears of what we think might happen burden our advantage we can move forward without missing a beat. Fear prevents us from crossing boundaries that our within our reach and abilities, but take a challenge. Our bodies are designed to move, not stay still. Why do you think it feels so good, and there are so many health benefits? Similarly, our souls of designed to love, hard and deep. Why do you think it feels so good and natural and comes with so many psychological benefits?
My Daily Challenge for You:
So there is a person that you really just cannot stand. They did something horrible or they are just irritating. They always have something to say or they are always bothering you. The mere thought of this person is now raising your blood pressure. Think about the real reasons you dislike this person and evaluate if they are that bad. Could their reasons for being irritating could just be their own buried issues that are penetrating their everyday life. A personal attack against you is usually not even personal; it has more to do the issues of the attacker, they really don't even care about you. If you care about yourself you will learn to appreciate this person and the lessons they teach you about yourself and how you deal with annoyances. Anger and hate are emotions that eat away at you, not them, so if not for them, do it for yourself. I challenge you to convert your hate towards the most annoying person in your life into love.

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