Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reason #6 Well Why not?

These days it seems like everyone needs some sort of reason to do everything. In class I am always disappointed when students interrupt a lecture to ask if this is going to be on the test. Is that all you care about? You are not interested in learning? The same principle applies to everyday life. It disappoints me to see a person who may have a lot to offer, but only offers his or her full love to someone who they seek a romantic relationship with. This person neglects his or her friends during every romantic pursuit, and comes back in shambles to their extremely patient friends every time.
Your friends and family who are there for you daily deserve your love. Your full love, not the half baked love you have reserved for them in the back. They love you and have always been there for you constantly...So why don't they get the royal treatment? Why do you save your real love for people you barely know just because they are a potential love interest, just for them to take your heart, stomp it and leave it for your friends and family to carefully reconstruct for the next love interest that comes by.
My Daily Challenge for You...
Do something really nice for someone who loves you for no reason. Make them an incredible meal or buy them a present for no reason to show you care. Call them for randomly and ask how their day is going or take them out to the movies your treat just to show you care. Love the people who are always there for you...Why not? You don't run much of a risk of getting your heat stomped on by this person.


  1. Good advice - we all need to do kind things for those that love us

  2. Great advice. We should appreciate people who care for us and who we care for more often.

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, there are too many people out there being neglected. I want to at least make an attempt at trying to stop it.


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