Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reason #8 No one likes a stingy person...

You realize that you are no different from anyone else, right? We're all the same...All-Star athletes and homeless people on the street. We all share many similarities, but the biggest thing we ultimately share is our uniqueness. Everyone is unique so we're all the same. Being a human being means that you have something beautiful and unique to share with the world. We all do. If you want this world to be a better place as I do, you share the innate need to siphon the beauty out of each person you encounter. It is relatively easy...just flash your infectious smile at everyone you see. It's amazing how many you get back in return and how good it feels to put a smile on someone's face.
My daily challenge for you:
I challenge you to share your beauty with the world. It is not right nor fair for your to keep it to yourself. Your gifts were not given to you for you to hold on to tight or to make you feel good about yourself. Your gifts are a baton to be passed on, a light to shine in the darkness, a proclamation to the world. It is not just yours so do what's right!

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