Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reason #7 Somebody Needs You...

Have you ever thought about that person who quit everything. The person who just gave up and got regular job. What about that person who you saw on the news who seemed fine but suddenly committed suicide. What if you could stop these kind of things from happening? What if you could be that somebody for somebody. That somebody who turned things around by being there, by just smiling or just by caring. Sometimes that's all a person needs to keep going. I've been there, you've been there...We have all been there. But we all need to stop. We need to stop being observers. Don't talk about the girl who seems to be a lillte off. Try to help her get back on if that's what you think she needs. Don't talk about about it.
My Daily challenge to you:
Be that someone. Stop the next suicide. Stop the next bad day from happening. You have the power within you to end the sadness, loneliness or unhappiness happening somewhere...So use it!


  1. I think things like this seem simple enough to us. Just be there for someone, be supportive, make someone's day all seems very simple. Yet, dealing with someone who is depressed can be very tiring and very demanding on the person who is helping. You can feel as though you're being pulled into their depression instead of pulling them out.

    Not saying people shouldn't help, just saying that I think a lot of people are afraid of the commitment and the burden that helping puts on them. For just being there once isn't really that helpful, you have to continue being there time after time to make a difference.

  2. Well to when I say just being there I don't mean be there for five minutes, but be available. It's not something everyone can do, you're right. You cannot help someone unless you have the strength yourself...thank you for inspiring me for my next post Jason!


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